You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop
Open in Photoshop a new version of the two images you want to combine. Using the cursor and mouse move one photo to another, so they were in the same set of layers. If the photos were of the same size, and you want one of them occupy only a specific place on the second, try the command Free Transform. With the Shift key held down while preserving the aspect ratio, reduce the image to the desired format, until it becomes such what should be on the lower image.

If you want to further adjust the location of the second pattern on the ground, move it manually. Press Enter.
Right click on the layer with the reduced photo and press Add Layer Mask (add layer mask). Click on the toolbar brush (Brush Tool) and select in the palette of black as the main color. This brush in mask mode layer start to paint over a thumbnail, you will see how it gradually starts to fade, opening the main previous photo. Don't paint the whole picture completely, and only those areas which are unnecessary to the visible remained only the fragment that should be combined with the original big picture. Modify the boundaries between images with a soft brush with a small diameter – it will give the picture realism.
If you do not like the finished drawing, select the move tool and move one photo to another as you want. Will move the entire layer, including your newly created mask.

To get the job done, merge the layers (Merge Down) and Scuderia image, and then add a small color correction and adjustment of the levels, if necessary, and if you want to add some color effect to the finished work.