Before you begin to grow arugula in your garden plot, you must choose the suitable variety of this plant. Better suited to early maturing cultivar of arugula, which will give the opportunity to harvest three weeks after the first germination. Mid-season varieties will need 30-35 days for harvest.
Rucola is possible to sow multiple deadlines. If you plant the arugula in early spring, will soon receive a young plant leaves, which are rich in vitamins. The rocket landed in early July or even in August, you will fill the lack at his Desk in lettuce plants, which at the moment is no. You can put the rocket every 15 days, so you all summer to provide themselves with vitamins.
The rocket should be sown in rows, which should be placed apart at a distance of not less than thirty centimeters. And between the plants should be a distance of ten inches. Planting depth seed should be half an inch. Literally on the fifth day of sprouts appear, and after two or three weeks it will be possible to gather the first harvest of fragrant green leaves.
To care for the rocket is easy, as this plant is quite undemanding. The entire treatment consists only in the fact that sometimes you need to thin it, loosen the aisle and plenty of water. The more moisture will get rocket, the larger and softer the sheets.
Don't overuse fertilizers, as rocket has the ability to absorb nitrates. If you follow all these simple rules the cultivation of plants and care, you will provide yourself in the summer healthy and delicious salad.
Since rocket is a pretty undemanding plant, it can be grown in winter at home on the windowsill. For this you need to provide the plant with sufficient light and water.