You will need
  • A container for growing seedlings, feeding the soil "Universal" or "Vegetable, water, seeds salad.
Purchase shop seeds watercresssalad. It is best to do it in store, because only there you will have the opportunity to test the shelf-life of the party and choose exactly the sort of saladas you want. For growing at home it is best to use hardy varieties such as "Coniferous", "Deciduous", "Curly", "Standard", or any other, agriculture that allows cultivation on the windowsill. Pour into a container, the soil layer of 8-10 cm and, if necessary, lightly moisten. Fertile soil is usually moist, but sometimes it dries up. In this case, pour the ground in a container and leave it for a while so the moisture is fully absorbed.
To plant watercresssalad is best in the fall or early spring. For autumn landing would be September, spring – late February or early March. Sow seeds have a very thick carpet, so that shoots up the same total mass without holes and empty spaces. For shoots, watercresssaladand aged following the frequency of sowing: 2 grams of seeds per 10 cm2. The soil that you are planting, needs to be sealed, this pre-tamp the surface with his hands. Pour the seeds on top of soil layer less than 1 cm and also tamp lightly. Remember that the soil under the seed should be tight to the root system better developed. The soil covering the seeds should not prevent their germination and to be too heavy and solid.
Watercresssalad prefers cool areas of the apartment with good lighting. Place your container in a room where the temperature is 10-12 degrees to the North or North-West window. A higher temperature for germination is undesirable. Until then, until above the surface appeared the first shoots, the container with the ground can be put in a dark place. Usually within a week after sowing, and sometimes before shoots appear. Immediately after this, the container must be set on the windowsill. Don't forget plenty of water your lettuceso that he can grow rapidly and remain juicy and fleshy.