Run regedit

To navigate to the desired branch in the registry to edit the startup list with startup programs, you need to open registry Editor. To run an application in Windows 7, click "start" - "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Run". In the window that appears, enter a query regedit.exe. In the case of correct execution of these actions you will see the window of the new program, which will display the registry branches. You can also call "registry Editor" by typing in the search bar "All programs" menu "start query "to Perform." Then in the window that appears, enter regedit.exe and press Enter to continue.

Search branch startup

To navigate through the registry tree in the editor window, use the diagram shown in the left part of the window. To move in the desired section to edit the startup, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Next, select the directory SOFTWARE – Microsoft – Windows – CurrentVersion – RUN. As soon as you go into this section in the right part of the window are displayed the basic parameters are available for editing in the system. In the left-most column of the table will display the application name. In the section "Value will indicate the location of the file that runs when you turn on the system. You can change these values or if you want to remove the program key if you want to permanently remove the application from startup. To do this, right-click on the appropriate name and select "Remove".

If in the list you have not found the desired program, use other clues to search for it. For example, applications often post the data about autoloading in the section HKEY_CURRENT_USER – SOFTWARE – Microsoft – Windows – Current Version – RUN. Also in the system there is another branch that is responsible for running programs at system startup at HKEY_USERS - .DEFAULT – SOFTWARE – Microsoft – Windows – CurrentVersion – RUN.

After removal of unnecessary keys, close the window and re-boot the system. If the operation was done correctly, remote from the registry the program does not appear after loading the "Desktop". If you want to run this application when you turn on the computer as before, go to the settings section of the application and use the option "startup". To edit the system settings, you can also use the utility msconf.exe available to call from the menu "Run" under "start".