You will need
  • - Computer with Windows;
  • - the program RegAlyzer.
Click "Start". Select "All programs", then "Standard program". In standard programs there is Command prompt. Open it and type regedit. A second window will open Editor " registry".
In the left part of the window is a list of the main sections of the registry operating system. If you click on the arrow, which is located in the main section will open several sections. If you know which of the sections is the desired branch of the registry, open it.
In the right window of the editor registry displays a list of branches your chosen topic. Click on the relevant branch of the registry , right-click. In this way you open it.
If you know the name of the branch of the registry, but don't know which partition it is, you can use the search. Menu editor registry click edit. Then in the appeared menu choose "Find". Appears the search string.
Enter in this line the name of the branch of the registry (at least approximate). Then hit "Find next". A few seconds in the right editor window displays a list of the branches of the registrythat are appropriate for the entered name. Double-click the left mouse button, and the branch of the registry will open.
To open and edit branches of the registry you can use a special software. Download from Internet the program RegAlyzer. Utility is free. Install it on hard disk. Run the program.
You will see that the program is more functional compared to standard editor registry, which is in the operating system. Using the utilities menu you can search for the right branches of the registry by categories. For this go to the desired category, and search. The process of opening and editing of the branches is the same: double left click of the mouse, and it's open and ready to edit.