In accordance with article 159 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan (RK), the employer must pay temporary disability benefits at the expense of own means. Payments are made on the first day of disability until full recovery or disability. The order of appointment and payment of benefits established by the Government of Kazakhstan under the Labor code.
Calculate the monthly allowance for temporary disability of a particular employee. It is defined as the product of average daily earnings and the number of days which are payable under the hospital sheet. The average wage is calculated for actual time worked in the calculation period (24 months). If a person has no such experience or long time had no salary, the calculation is made at the rate of minimum wage (MW). Law of RK "On Republican budget for 2011-2013" minimum wages 15999 tenge.
The monthly payment does not exceed ten times the monthly calculation index (10МРП). Learn how to determine the monthly calculation index (MCI), which is used in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the calculation of benefits. From January 2011 the law established the ratio in the amount of 1512 tenge.
When calculating average wages please note, the average hourly earnings, which is calculated by dividing the gross wages for the entire period of work on the number of hours in the same period. In Kazakhstan, wages are considered as income at the time of accrual, regardless of at what point the income is received.
Calculate the temporary disability benefits depending on the worker's employment. The amount of payment for an employee whose insurance period is eight years or more, equal to 100% of average earnings, at the experience of 5-8 years – 80% of average earnings; the person has worked for less than 5 years are paid 60% of average earnings.