Select a material for the manufacture of a cube, given the existing tools and skills.
Manufacture of the chosen material the exact cube with sides of about ten millimeters.
Remove the sides and then the angles of the chamfer of the size of about 1 mm at 45 degrees. If necessary, Polish the product.
Apply on the face of the cube denote numbers. The necessary points can be made in the form of grooves, drill them microdrill, or apply paint, either to combined method, by first making recesses, and then filling them with paint.On top face, apply six dots (two rows of three dots).
On the bottom face, apply one point (in the middle);
On the left side, apply four dots (two rows of two dots).
On the right side, apply three dots (diagonal);
On the front face, apply five dots (four in a matrix 2 on 2 and one in the middle);
On the rear face, apply the two points (diagonal).To check whether the allocated designation numbers on the faces of the cube, the folding numbers on the opposite faces for each of their combinations, the amount should be equal to seven.
Cover all faces of the cube, but one where he will lie when dry, colourless varnish. Let it dry, then turn the product so that this face was on top. Cover with her, and then allow to dry.
Purchase virtual craps dice. To do this, take your mobile phone and install it in the basic language interpreter, download it from the site.Running the interpreter, type this program:
10 A%=MOD(RND(0),4)+3
20 IF A%=0 THEN GOTO 10
40 ENDПри each run with the RUN command the program will generate a random number in the range from 1 to 6.
To check the die for accuracy, get a few dozen random numbers, and then count the number of times each of them. At precisely manufactured dice the probability of each of the numbers should be close.
Even in our days the popularity of Board games is small enough, don't forget the procedure. At the beginning of the chips all players are on the starting cell. Players roll the dice in turn. Receiving a random number, the player moves his piece forward the corresponding number of cells. If the cell where the result will be the chip that contains the instructions (skip the next course, repeat the course, to move to a specified position on the playing field, and the like), this instruction should be performed.The winner is the first player to reach the finish tile.