You will need
  • 1) the printer or plotter, cardboard, scissors, glue
  • 2) Tetra Paks of milk, kefir and other sour-milk products (with square bottom), white and colored paper, glue, scissors, paint, brushes, wide tape
The first way is pragmatic.Download from the Internet ready scan cubes. Print scanner on a color printer or plotter on thick cardboard. Sweep cut along the contours, adding one centimeter on each side for bonding. Glue the cubes.
The second way - creative.Fabricate from Tetrapak cubes, cutting them and gluing together their faces. Carefully glue the finished cubes of white and colored paper, alternating the different colors. On separate sheets of colored paper will watertite ready syllables, cut them out and glue onto the faces of the cubes. If desired, the syllables can be drawn with the paint. To increase the lifetime of the finished cubes, glue all of the faces of wide tape.
If you bring to the process of making blocks of your child, it is possible to derive not a few of the benefits: development of creative abilities and fine motor skills of the baby. And to say the supporters of the purchase ready cubes Zaitsev, referring to the complexity and irrationality of their homemade-still cubesmade by loving hands mother the child will bring much more benefits than the factory kit.