You will need
  • Operating systems:
  • - Windows 7;
  • - Windows XP.
To restrict access to the folder or file in Windows 7 by using the tool "user Accounts". The administrator has access to all folders, because it is at the head of the user hierarchy. If you decided to close access to the foldersand the account is only one, it makes sense to think about a simple password when you log in.
Select the folder you want to hide and click the right mouse button. In the opened context menu select "Properties".
In the new window, navigate to the "Security" tab, select the user and click "Modify". You can allocate rights to the selected folder between all users. For example, someone might be allowed to see someone, you can allow it to change, but you can not remove a user from this list.
If you can't change user rights to view and edit this folder, therefore the rights assigned to the parent directory (root folder). To edit this setting go to the Security tab and click Advanced.
In the window that opens, navigate to the Permissions tab, click prohibit, and click "Change permissions". Uncheck the item "Add permission with inheritable permissions from this object's parent" and repeat the operation again.Thus you can hide any folder of your hard disk, including its partitions.
In Windows XP, the same action can be performed differently. Click menu "start" select "control Panel".
In the opened folder, open "folder options" and navigate to the View tab. Uncheck the item "Use simple General access to files" and click "Apply" and "OK".
Right-click on the folder you want to hide and select "Properties". In the folder properties go to the Security tab, select the user that will be restricted access, and put a mark in column "Deny" or "Allow" when you want to lift the ban on viewing the directory.
Click "Apply" and "OK" to save the change settings access.