Define rights and opportunities for each user group. To do this, click "start" select "Run" and type in the search box:control userpasswords2.
In the "Account...", select the user who is going to close access to the system disk, and click "Properties". In the tab "group Membership", select "access Levels" to "Limited." Confirm your decision by clicking OK.
If you have NTFS file system, open the context menu right click the mouse on an icon of the local disk and choose Properties. In the tab "Access" select "stop sharing...". Navigate to the "Security" tab and assign permissions and restrictions for groups and individual users.
If the Security tab is not available in the menu "tools" select "folder options...". In the tab "View" uncheck the item "Use simple General access...", and press OK to confirm.
Click "Add" and enter the account. To confirm: use the OK button. If you want to forbid the user any actions with a local drive, check the checkbox "Disable" next to "Full access".
If you want and restrict some actions, conduct more fine-tuning. Click Advanced, then in the new window "Change". You can allow this user read-only information from the local disk and the prohibition to make any changes.
If your computer is running Windows XP Home Edition, reboot and use "Safe mode". To do this, press F8 after the initial survey, "iron" and select the appropriate item in the menu of boot options. In this mode, the Security tab will be available. Go and set the permissions and prohibitions for all users.