First, try closing access to diskusing standard methods of the Windows operating system. The highest quality protection is provided in Windows 7. Click on "My computer". Use the button in the panel "start" or the key combination Win and E. Perform a right click of the mouse on one of the partitions on your hard drive, and move the cursor to the item "the General access". In the ensuing menu, select the "Advanced customization total access."
In the Access tab, click "Advanced setup". Check the box next to "Open shared access to this folder." Click "Permissions". In the menu "user Groups", you most likely will only active the Everyone group. Select it and click Remove. Confirm the deletion of this category.
Now click "Add" and enter the name of your user. This operation is recommended to execute in that case if you are using an administrator account that is password protected. After entering the name click "Add".
Now in the bottom of the menu check the box next to "Full access". Click "Apply" and wait for the installation of new rules for this section. Open the "Security" tab and click "Edit".
Remove the ticks from all items for each user except the administrator. Click "Apply". Follow a similar sequence of actions to close accessand to other hard disk partitions.