Make sure that the file system is NTFS or run the formatting operation, the selected drive.
Help menu the Microsoft Windows operating system by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs" to initiate procedures for limiting access to the disk D.
Expand "accessories" and launch the "Windows Explorer".
Expand the tools menu of the top toolbar of the Explorer window and select "folder options".
Go to the View tab of the resulting window and byvbnt flag on the field "to Use simple General access to files".
Open the context menu to be access D drive click the right mouse button select "Properties".
Click on the "Properties" dialog that appears, and delete accounts for all users of the computer except for private and system records.
Specify your account in the section "Groups and users" and apply the check on the box Full control in the Allow column.
Confirm your selection by pressing the "Apply" button, and then click OK to apply the selected changes.
Download and install the dedicated app Disk Password Protection, allowing:

- set up password protection for booting the OS;
to protect the disk partitions and make them invisible and inaccessible to other users;
- install low-level hardware protection for your hard drives;
- use password-protected programs to run.
Use the option command prompt support app Disk Password Protection to hide the installation process the password protection from the selected drive and remember that even deleting the app itself does not negate the established disk protection D. Disable the password protection can only be done by the application of Disk Password protection.