Each loving woman immediately notices when close to her humans is kind of a nuisance. What to do in such cases, you will certainly be prompted by your intuition, but unfortunately, not all have the wisdom to behave to avoid being hurt the person even more. It is important to immediately pull myself together and try to calmly think about the situation. In any case, if your beloved is upset and experiencing stress, not increase it panic and irritation and around you don't create a tense atmosphere.
When there is a serious problem, very often men turn in on themselves. They don't know how to proceed and must first think about the situation. To a greater extent this applies to men. So give time to your beloved to come to, do not bother with questions and not impose their communication. When he can, he'll tell you all about myself.
And yet, beloved came to you; it is important to know that he is not alone. Stay close, try to surround it with its simple care and comfort. Cook him a delicious dinner, turn on some good music, give him what he loves. May not be amiss soothing massage, because it is in tension, which is necessary to remove and swing away the depressing thoughts.
No matter how complex the problem is, I need hardly immediately rush to do something. Need time to detach from it, to relax and unwind. Try to convince your friend to take a walk together somewhere in the Park, go to a movie, finally.
When the strongest emotions are dulled, a person immediately want to speak out, to tell me what he had accumulated in the shower. Your role is to listen carefully, not interrupting, and then a few words to Express support. Try not to inadvertently hurt his feelings. Do not give any helpful tips; now they did not need him. And no recrimination or condemnation, even if you see that he's wrong – because you want to help him, and not dig into the wound.
In this case, you – the objective side with a clear and sober head. Offer him real help, causing concrete action.
Don't let your loved one fall into a long depression, because it is very harmful not only for the psyche, but also for overall health. Give him psychological support. Of course, you are not a professional psychologist, but love needs help to function properly. Your tenderness and affection he needs.