Men's haircuts

Men rarely go on experimenting with his looks, preferring the classic haircuts and styling for short hair. The reason is simple: in such hairstyle is easy to care for, it does not require any special styling products, it does not stand out in the crowd, encouraged by the conservative leadership. Therefore most men wear a “hedgehog” or “poluboks”.

However, trends are changing and youth are increasingly attending stylist to do the actual haircut or styling. Dyeing is used infrequently, along with braided dreadlocks and pigtails. Most often boys grow my bangs out and practice different ways of styling, takesawa it on its side or locking lacquer in retro style.

The representatives of creative professions — designers, photographers, writers, musicians — popular long hairstyles, collected in the tail. This haircut requires regular maintenance, health care and clean hair.

Variety of women's model haircuts

Girls and women wishing to find your ideal way, it is much easier to choose a hairstyle than men, in General, more conservative and rigid stereotypes. Women's haircuts are also divided into short, medium and long. They can suggest the presence of straight or asymmetrical bangs, as well as its absence — in this case, the goddamn hair up or distributed on the sides. Do not remain without attention different tricks: Ombre hair, straightening, perms, haircut hot scissors, laminating, capacity.

Hairstyles for long hair, usually parted in the middle I assume with bangs or without. These haircuts are optimal for owners of thick healthy hair. However, they require a lot of attention to maintain this beauty: wash special tools, masks, regular straightening, removal of split ends, the complexity of installation — you can't always wear flowing hair.

The average length of the optimal at any age, especially if there is no time for intensive care of the health of hair. The stylist will help to choose a hairstyle that will hide flaws of the face, bringing it closer to the ideal. To create the effect of volume applied a three-coloring with colors close to natural color of your hair.

The most practical and popular among young people short haircuts. They discover true freedom of expression: it is permissible skew parting, asymmetrical strands, extreme styling bangs shockingly bright color. Popular tousled styling for each day, milled ends, the effect of wet hair.