You will need
  • - treat for dogs;
  • - the leash.
Dog training best to start from puppyhood and lead from the simple to the complex. For testing teams stock up on some dog treats. First, teach your dog respond to the name. When feeding, during the game, when you caress, stroking your pet, call him by his name. Don't call a nickname, if want to scold the puppy. Never say it in a harsh tone. Very soon the puppy will get used to associate it with pleasant emotions.
как научить овчарку
To teach the dog the command "sit", take the left hand piece of bait. Raise it above the dog's head. The animal must know that you are there. Right hand press on the back part of the dog, trying to sit. Say "sit". Village - praise, give treat. Repeat 5-6 times. Once your pet begins to sit down myself, take a treat in your right hand. Do not show it to the dog. Lift it up over her head your left hand, give the command "sit". The village – to feed.
как обучить собаку команде голос
Teach a Chihuahua to do the command "down". First, say "sit". Take a piece of Goodies and pull the dog so that it is stretched forward and slightly down. Command "down". Click on her withers, trying to sleep. Went to praise, pet, give treat.
как отличить щенка йорка от взрослой собаки
Say the command "give paw" and themselves take in hand the paw of the dog. Praise, pet, give feeding. The dog will quickly understand what to do.
как научить собаку породой той терьер всем видом команд
Best team "to me" the puppy develops in 7-16 weeks. Hail him, give the command "come". Came – praise, give treat . To run off a little to the side to get his attention. He comes himself. Again to take a long leash. Command "to me" and pull the dog leash. Give it something tasty.
как приучить собаку к командам
Team "fu" is prohibitive, requiring unconditional obedience. Not encouraged, pronounced in a low voice. Repeat the command, say threatening tone. If the puppy is small, act gently but persistently. To prevent any of its unwanted effect, say "fu" and move the puppy to another location. If you do not wish to obey, distract him with a loud unpleasant sound, uttering at the same team. Adult dog can be off leash or slap. Prohibitive the command "fu", "no", which is essentially the same thing, should be used strictly in the moment when the dog does something unlawful, but not later.