Wool the cat is constantly updated, but it becomes a problem during molting - intensive updates. As a rule, molt starts closer to the winter heating season. This period you just need to wait. The problem will be solved by more frequent wet cleaning. To fur on the furniture and on the floor was smaller, it is possible to speed up the process of ridding cats from her. Visivite pet as often as possible, preferably some soft rubber brush, not comb with sharp teeth - cats do not like and run away. Also help regular washing of the animal.

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In addition to seasonal happens to be a pathological, constant molting. This may be for several reasons, e.g. high temperature and dryness in the apartment. Typically, these conditions are during heating season. And if the cat likes to lie on the battery, it may further strengthen the amount of shedding. The situation can somewhat fix the presence of indoor plants and humidifiers. Don't let your pet spend too much time on the battery. Another reason for the accelerated upgrade of the hair - the presence of artificial light in the apartments that disrupts the natural biorhythms of animals, because the house is bright, while outside the window it was already dark.

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Make sure whether the animal eats, whether it is receiving the necessary vitamins, fatty acids. Not all cat owners pay attention to the choice of food, although it is important. If the cat eats dry food and if you finances allow, it is better to buy quality products. If the pet used to home food, take care of the reception they need for cats vitamins.

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During a normal molt, the cat loses its fur evenly across the surface of the body. Sometimes it happens that hair falls out scraps, pockets. The animal to lick or itch. In this case you should take him to a vet to ensure no possible dermatologic problems. A veterinarian examines a wool of a cat and will determine the causes of intensified hair loss, advise.

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