You will need
  • - Wax candles;
  • - oil burner;
  • shower gel;
  • liquid for wiping;
  • - cleaning products for furniture, floors.
Light a wax candle and walk across the apartment, avoiding every nook and cranny. Leave a lighted candle in a very bad smelling place for a few hours. Instead of candles you can use incense sticks. Okuribito light up and smoke all over the apartment. A great way to quickly get rid of the unpleasant smellis to burn the paper. Take old newspaper, crumple into a ball and ignite on the plate. The smoke will "eat" the smell.
Help an old person to perform hygiene procedures. After 60 years of hormonal changes that causes a change in the smell of the body, usually not for the better. He old man is not very feel, as the acuteness of smell also declines with age. Sometimes, entering the pension age, the person may lose interest in life, to myself, my mind ceases to care about cleanliness. Try to insist on a daily morning shower, buy the old man a good loofah and a fragrant shower gel. If the health condition does not allow an elderly person to independently perform such procedures, help him, regularly rubbing his body boiled with water, acidulated with vinegar, or special chemist fluid.
Buy a few pieces of fragrant soap, cut them into small pieces and put in cabinets, on shelves – the smell will stay for very long. Replace soap with time on the fresh and the old pieces to use as directed. Make pads of aromatic herbs and place them in separate rooms.
Deal with old clothes. Many elderly people are literally "drowning" in it. To throw excess prevents senile avarice, and to keep things in order, time to clean and wash, the elderly can not. Old things smell bad, that smell is impregnated with their host, the apartment in which he lives. Select a few things that an elderly person often wears off and hang them separately. Thoroughly wash or give them dry air on the balcony. Ensure every thing is not worn for longer than three days. The rest of old unwanted clothes better to throw.
Buy aroma lamp and a set of aromatic oils. Wash your floor with the addition of essential oils. Arrange around the house saucer with ground coffee, change them every day for several days.
Give in cleansing old carpets and kilims are often the culprits of bad smells. Clean the upholstery of upholstered furniture with special tools. Peristerite all curtains in the apartment using the air conditioner.
Buy ozonator - it is very refreshing apartment, kills all odors and disinfects the air. If all of the above doesn't help then there is only the repair with a plywood Wallpaper and replacing the flooring.