You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle.
Write a statement on a standard sheet of A4 paper with his own hand. This is an important point, which is often required to comply with employers, as it facilitates identification of handwriting in case of dispute. Top right corner is traditionally filled with details of recipient and sender. Since a resignation letter is always written on the name of the first head, write it here title, company name, name, name and patronymic format. Next, specify the name of the structural unit of the organization in which you work (branch, division, etc.), your position, surname, name, patronymic (in the format of "one."
In the center of the sheet write the name of the document "Statement". A substantial part begin with the phrase "Please fire me", specify the feature for the dismissal at own will "without working". Let the cause, which must be sufficiently thorough to ensure that the leadership went in the opposite direction and agreed to fire you, and not according to accepted rules. The law lists a number of these reasons (retirement, relocation, admission to UNIVERSITY, etc.), but the full list does not exist, so try to find a good enough reason.
In conclusion check the date of the application, sign and decrypt signature in brackets (surname and initials). If the reason you specified, seems not respectful and visa of the head will contain a requirement about working out instead of two weeks, the date of compilation of the statement will be a reference point for the specified term. But there are some features. Don't forget to endorse the statement with the Secretary as the incoming document, as the countdown will begin from the date of notification of the desire to resign.