Advice 1: How to write the application on dismissal by agreement of the parties

Among the common grounds for dismissal in the first place is the dismissal by agreement of the parties. However, it is used much less frequently than, for example, on their own. Why is this happening? It is possible that some uncertainty confuses the employer. The question arises, what documents you need to formalize the dismissal, which is the basis for it, whether you want the employee to write the application on dismissal by agreement of the parties?
How to write the application on dismissal by agreement of the parties
Meanwhile, the dismissal by agreement of the parties has many advantages. For the employee it is an opportunity to quit at any time, without practicing two weeks (even if he is on vacation or sick); the employer is a reason to part with negligent employee without scandal and excess, unnecessary red tape. Another important difference from other grounds – the inability to refuse the dismissal unilaterally.
If the initiator of the dismissal is the employee, he may apply to the employer with a written statement (preferably), or orally. The statement is written in any form to the head of the enterprise. In it, the employee must provide your name, position, label the document ("Statement").

The text of the statement should set out the reasons, the exact date of the dismissal, the base. For example: "Please terminate the employment contract concluded with me under paragraph 1 of article 77 of the labour code by agreement of the parties in connection with urgent relocation to another town 02.12.2010 year." Next is the personal signature and date of application.

In addition to the main text of the statement can be specified for more wishes. For example, the request to send copies of documents of resignation by mail at the address provided.
The established procedure statement is passed to the supervisor for decision. If he doesn't mind, the appropriate visa is placed on the application of an employee, it is transferred to the office of personnel management. Specialist prepares the draft of the additional agreement to the employment contract of the employee, it is grounds for dismissal by agreement of the parties. Only after it is signed by both parties (employee and employer), preparing the order for dismissal (unified form T-8) note-the calculation for the accounting Department.

In day of dismissal the employee meets with the order, with the entry in the workbook, gets her hands on.
An example of the additional agreement to the labour contract
If the initiator of the dismissal – the employer, he shall also notify the employee of its decision. In case the consent is issued the above-mentioned supplementary agreement to the employment contract. In it by mutual consent can be included additional paragraphs: on payment of remuneration at a certain amount, determination of period for transfer of material assets, etc.
Since the legal grounds of dismissal by agreement of the parties is a supplementary agreement to the employment contract, you can negotiate verbally. If the signatures of the parties in the contract is delivered, cancellations can be made only by mutual consent. For example, if an employee changed his mind, and not the employer, the dismissal will be lawful.
Useful advice
If the employment contract you had to sign the separation agreement without a date (this way some employers insure themselves from mistakes of the personnel), it is illegal. In the case of dismissal can be challenged in court, after a simple examination. After the obligatory condition - the supplementary agreement, both parties must sign personally and at the same time.

Advice 2: How to write an application for leave

Vacation is paid and without charge. Rules of granting some form of leave are contained in the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. Depending on the shape of the leave varies and writing applications on holiday. But is it always necessary to write the application?
How to write an application for leave
Annual paid leave granted to employees in accordance with the vacation schedule that was approved in advance taking into account the wishes of all employees. Therefore, the personnel Department of the company may not require you writing the application for leave. Check this point directly to the service personnel of your company.

If you are recommended to write the application, you will find out, better to do it by hand or to type on the computer. If your company has installed the electronic document management system, the print statement is not required – you just send it to the address of the internal mail service of the staff.

The application for leave is written in free form and rules rigidly is not regulated. But it will be more beautiful if you decorate it, following the rules of GOST on records management.
Application for paid annual leave
If the service staff recommended submitting printed application for leave, use any available text editor on the computer. Suitable, for example, the following:

• Microsoft Word from Microsoft Office Suite;

• Office Writer from Open Office;

• WordPad is a standard program included in Windows.
To apply for paid annual leave, specify in the upper right corner of the post, surname and initials of the head. They need to write 2-3 lines and aligned right. To do this, select the written text with the left mouse button and select Format" paragraph "Indentation". On the tab "Indent and spacing" locate the position "Alignment" and select "right-aligned".
Retreat a two-point gap (press two times Enter key). In the next line write the subject of the application:
On vacation
Back a couple of gaps and get to the essence of your statement. Use the "red line" by pressing the Tab key. After you write the following sentence, writing the date:
Please provide me another vacation with "___" ____________ ____ on _____ days _________ year.
"___"______________ ______ G. ___________ /name and Surname/

Instead of "last Name" enter your name and initials. Select the desired date. Print the statement and put your signature. Take the application to the service personnel in advance. In this case, you have a chance to "vacation" time.
An application for leave without pay
Employees are entitled to leave without pay in accordance with article 128 of the Labor Code. An application for leave without pay is made in the same way as for paid maternity leave, but slightly changing the wording:
Please provide me the leave without pay on _____ calendar days "___" _________ _____ on "____" ___________ ______G. family circumstances.
Don't forget to checkout the signature and date, in the form of request for paid leave. Print and sign the statement.
The registration statement is on vacation without computer
Perhaps the HR Department of your company prefers to obtain from employees "live" the statements written by hand. In this case, write your statement on the above rules on a sheet of A4 paper ballpoint pen with blue ink, purple or black.
Useful advice
Check with the personnel office, you may provide the sample application for leave.

Advice 3: How to write a resignation letter without working out

The labour code of the Russian Federation allows the employee to resign at any time, but with the obligatory prior notification of the employer. The deadline for compliance, according to article 80 of the Labour code, is fourteen days. However, it is possible to leave by agreement of the parties and without working. This possibility is stipulated by law. Having valid reasons for such dismissal, remain right to make a statement.
How to write a resignation letter without working out
You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle.
Write a statement on a standard sheet of A4 paper with his own hand. This is an important point, which is often required to comply with employers, as it facilitates identification of handwriting in case of dispute. Top right corner is traditionally filled with details of recipient and sender. Since a resignation letter is always written on the name of the first head, write it here title, company name, name, name and patronymic format. Next, specify the name of the structural unit of the organization in which you work (branch, division, etc.), your position, surname, name, patronymic (in the format of "one."
In the center of the sheet write the name of the document "Statement". A substantial part begin with the phrase "Please fire me", specify the feature for the dismissal at own will "without working". Let the cause, which must be sufficiently thorough to ensure that the leadership went in the opposite direction and agreed to fire you, and not according to accepted rules. The law lists a number of these reasons (retirement, relocation, admission to UNIVERSITY, etc.), but the full list does not exist, so try to find a good enough reason.
In conclusion check the date of the application, sign and decrypt signature in brackets (surname and initials). If the reason you specified, seems not respectful and visa of the head will contain a requirement about working out instead of two weeks, the date of compilation of the statement will be a reference point for the specified term. But there are some features. Don't forget to endorse the statement with the Secretary as the incoming document, as the countdown will begin from the date of notification of the desire to resign.
Useful advice
Remember that in some cases the employer will not be able to meet you because you may have nobody to replace urgently, and may deny the dismissal without working. This is especially the case for dismissal on grounds not mentioned in the Labour code. So still try to advance, at least verbally, to warn them about your intentions of the supervisor. In this case, you before find a replacement and will not retain the workforce needed.

Advice 4: How to write an application for leave with subsequent dismissal

When the employee decides to resign from the organization, it is necessary to write the application on dismissal. But if he has unused annual paid vacation, and he wants to leave, pre-athula it, you need a statement on vacation. But the employer raises the question is which day is considered the last working day.
How to write an application for leave with subsequent dismissal
You will need
  • forms of the relevant documents, printing company, documents of the employee, the labour code, documents, work record of the employee.
For dismissal you should write the statement on the dismissal to the head of the enterprise to fire you at their own desire or agreement of the parties. In it you enter the abbreviated name of the company surname, name, patronymic of Director of the company. In the genitive indicate their position in accordance with the staffing, the name of the structural unit, their full surname, name and patronymic. The content of the statement to Express his request to quit with a certain date, please sign and date the written statement.
Parallel statementm the dismissal you need to write a statement about the provision of paid annual vacation. Set the duration of the vacationand sign and date the written statement.
Both statements (on the dismissal and granting leavea) going to the first face of the company for resolution. The Director in turn takes the decision.
If the employer decides to fire you, paying compensation for unused vacationand, it will cost more profitable.
When you retire, if this was done on vacation as a specialist, registered on the enterprise any monies paid to you for the annual paid leave, subject to unified social tax. Accordingly, your leaving in holiday with the subsequent dismissal organization may face some financial costs spent for payment of social tax.
If the head of the company decides to endorse both statements, he issued two orders – one for the dismissal of the other in providing you with regular paid vacation.
In your workbook cadre makes an entry of dismissal that number, when you were actually in the workplace, that is, the last day before vacationohms.
If the Director approves only a statement of resignation, then issued an order on dismissal. And unused vacation you receive payment.
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