Advice 1: How to close a cucumber

There are many recipes for canning cucumbers - each family has their own, the usual. However, you always want to try to do something new to surprise your loved ones and set the table. One of such recipes is pickled cucumbers with red currant.
How to close a cucumber
You will need
    • 2 kg of cucumbers,
    • 75 g of salt,
    • 1,5 l of water
    • 100 g red currants,
    • spices and herbs to taste.
Wash hot water with soda glass jars, which will close the cucumbers. Sterilize them by boiling for 20 minutes in water (can be sterilized for a couple). Metal lids boil for 20 minutes Necessary to watch, that by boiling jars and lids were completely submerged in water.
Prepare herbs and spices to lay into the banks. Wash your umbrellas dill, currant leaves, horseradish. Peel and cut into slices garlic. Prepare the necessary amount of salt. Wash the currants, clean the berries from the peduncle.
Wash freshly green cucumbers and soak in ice water for one to two hours to air out. Then pour over the fruit boiling water and place upright in the prepared banks, shifting their spices.
Pour the hot water from the kettle into the jars with cucumbers. Close with a sterile lid and leave for five minutes. Drain the water from the cans into a saucepan, add to salt and put to boil. Cover re-sterilize. Add in banks currant berries. Pour boiling brine into jars, being careful not to touch the edges of the banks with a pan, close the lid for 5 min. drain and Re-boil the brine and pour into jars. Tightly close the lids, turn upside down, make sure that under the covers is not flowing water, wrap jars and leave them to cool down.
If you can not soak the cucumbers in ice water, it is better to preserve them from, as from soaking in water at room temperature cucumbers drabot.
Instead of currants you can lay in banks raspberries.
Useful advice
Herbs for preparations can take any taste.

Instead of horseradish leaves can be used the root, but it should be thoroughly cleaned, wash and cut into thin slices.

Advice 2 : How to pickle cucumbers slices for the winter

Delicious crunchy pickles can be saved, conserved in banks. They will not be spoiled and enjoy a taste of the long winter.
How to pickle cucumbers slices for the winter
You will need
  • 1 kg of cucumbers, 1 liter of water, 15 tablespoons sugar, 3 tablespoons salt, 2 cloves of garlic, dill, pepper, pimento, 200 ml of vinegar, one-litre jars, metal cap sealing machine, pot.
Wash cucumbers and cut off the tails. Cut lengthwise into 4 pieces. Banks clean thoroughly and check for chips and cracks. Dry banks put in a cold oven on the grate upside down. Preheat the oven to 120 degrees and banks sterilize for 15-20 minutes. Cover, put in a saucepan, cover with water and simmer for 5-10 minutes.
Enter a pot of cold water and dissolve in it the salt. Put on the fire and add the sugar. Stirring, bring to a boil. Add the vinegar. Turn off the heat and leave the brine to cool slightly for 5-10 minutes.
On the bottom of the jar and place peeled cloves of garlic, dill and allspice. Start to put cucumbers on banks and fill them with brine. Cover the jars and place in boiling water. Boil for about 10 minutes on low heat.
Roll up the jars with canning machine. Check for leaks. Banks turn upside down and cover with a towel or blanket. Through the day put in a dark cool place for storage (basement, storage room, garage, cellar). In winter you will find tasty crispy pickles.
How to pickle cucumbers slices for the winter
On the bottom of the jar, you can put a small piece of sheet horseradish, cloves or red hot peppers. They impart a tangy flavor to cucumbers.
Useful advice
Pick young for pickling cucumbers. They will be more crispy.

Advice 3 : Pickles for the winter - the easiest way

What recipes do not only harvest the cucumbers for the winter. Pickle, ferment together with tomatoes or zucchini, using dry spices and herbs. Some people prefer salting in barrels, some in glass cylinders. But there are a few simple ways of pickling cucumbers, which handle even inexperienced hostess.
Pickles for the winter - the easiest way

Pickling cucumbers in glass jars

This recipe is a simple way of preserving vegetables in a glass three-liter jar. The hermetic sealing of containers capable of providing high-quality pickles and long-term storage of the product during the winter at a temperature not exceeding 20oC.

For pickling cucumbers should be washed, tightly put in a glass cylinders, shifting their spices. Possible, cucumbers should choose the same size and thickness, so that the process of salting is uniform.

For preservation 10 kg of cucumbers is necessary to prepare the following amount of spices:

- 300 grams of fennel;
- 50 grams of peeled roots of hell;
- 30 grams cloves of garlic;
- 10 grams of bitter pepper.

To enhance the taste and flavor of pickles, you can add the following spices:

- the leaves of currant;
- the stems and leaves of celery;
- parsley;
- stems with inflorescence of dill;
- the leaves of horseradish;
- Basil leaf.

To give the cucumbers a special fortress, you can add banks in oak and cherry leaves. The total weight of spices should not exceed 5% of the weight of cucumbers.
It should be remembered that an excessive amount of herbs can give pickled cucumbers bitter and unpleasant taste.

The greater part of the spices should be placed in a jar on top of cucumbers to keep them float. Then the pickles, pour the brine. For its preparation you will need:

- 10 liters of water;
- 700-800 grams of salt.
It is impossible for pickling vegetables to use iodized salt.

Cucumbers drenched in brine should stay in this form from five to six days at a temperature of 18-20oC to complete the fermentation process. During this period, should be regularly removed from the surface of the brine resulting film or foam from a mold (when they appear). Need to refill banks a brine of the same strength.

After digestion of the glass cylinders need to drain the brine in a saucepan and boil. Introduced while boiling foam has to be removed from the surface of the liquid, and then pour the brine back to the jars with cucumbers.
To the pickles after fermentation has retained the crunch and elasticity, it is possible before boiling to add to the brine a little dry mustard.

After 3-5 minutes the brine is required again to merge in a saucepan and heat to boiling stage. After that, the cucumbers need to re-cover with brine and close tightly with sterilised lids.

Pickles in tomato sauce

You can get gherkins instead of pickle at the end of the fermentation process (3-5 days after salting) fill jars with hot cucumbers (is 95oC) salt tomato juice, you need:

- 1 liter of juice;
- 15-20 grams of salt.

In this case, the required additional sterilization of the jars of pickles: three-liter – 50 minutes, liter – about half an hour. After sterilization, the container of pickles should be boiled twist caps, flip and heat wrap.
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