You will need
    • 2 kg of cucumbers,
    • 75 g of salt,
    • 1,5 l of water
    • 100 g red currants,
    • spices and herbs to taste.
Wash hot water with soda glass jars, which will close the cucumbers. Sterilize them by boiling for 20 minutes in water (can be sterilized for a couple). Metal lids boil for 20 minutes Necessary to watch, that by boiling jars and lids were completely submerged in water.
Prepare herbs and spices to lay into the banks. Wash your umbrellas dill, currant leaves, horseradish. Peel and cut into slices garlic. Prepare the necessary amount of salt. Wash the currants, clean the berries from the peduncle.
Wash freshly green cucumbers and soak in ice water for one to two hours to air out. Then pour over the fruit boiling water and place upright in the prepared banks, shifting their spices.
Pour the hot water from the kettle into the jars with cucumbers. Close with a sterile lid and leave for five minutes. Drain the water from the cans into a saucepan, add to salt and put to boil. Cover re-sterilize. Add in banks currant berries. Pour boiling brine into jars, being careful not to touch the edges of the banks with a pan, close the lid for 5 min. drain and Re-boil the brine and pour into jars. Tightly close the lids, turn upside down, make sure that under the covers is not flowing water, wrap jars and leave them to cool down.