You will need
  • bed.
Place the bed so that the legs of a sleeping person is not located in the direction of the door. It is considered bad luck, because only the dead endure foot forward. No less unfortunate is the direction when the foot or the head is lying on the bed pointing towards the window.
An ideal location for the sleeping couch is the fact that both the head and feet of a sleeping "look" into the wall. And best of all, if the headboard will be close up against the wall. In any case, experts say, Feng Shui.
Popular rumor advises us to choose for the bed that her head was directed to the North. Masters of Feng-Shui claim that favorable directions for sleeping individual, and can be selected either using their wise advice, or intuitive.
Virtually any bedroom is the mirror. Hanging or standing in the bedroom, mirror should not reflect bed and sleeping on her person. In General, specialists in Feng Shui are advised to avoid reflective surfaces in the bedroom in order to Wake up in a cheerful and optimistic mood.
The biggest trouble in the bedroom ceiling beams. Even worse if it is located directly above the bed. This beam going to cause problems between spouses and health problems. Therefore, if the bedroom is this item still available, best to disguise it, for example, using a suspended ceiling or drywall construction.