You will need
  • pencil, ruler
Draw the triangle. To do this, take a ruler and draw a pencil line. Then, draw another segment starting from one end previous. Close the figure by connecting the two remaining free points of the segments. Get the triangle. It was his center of gravity should look for.
Take a ruler and measure the length of one side. Find the middle of that side and mark it with a pencil. Spend the cut from the opposite vertex to the target point. The resulting segment is called a median.
Let's get to the other side. Measure its length, divide into two equal parts and draw a midpoint of the opposite lying vertex.
Do the same with a third party. Please note that if you did everything correctly, then the medians will intersect at one point. This will be the center of gravity or, as it is called, the center of mass of the triangle.
If your goal is to find the center of gravity of the equilateral triangle, then draw a height from each vertex of the figure. To do this, take a ruler with a right angle and one side, leaning against the base of the triangle, and the second point to the opposite vertex. Do the same with other parties. The point of intersection will be the centerom of gravity. Feature of equilateral triangles is that the same segments are the medians, and altitudes, and bisectors.
The center of gravity of any triangle divides the medians into two segments. Their ratio is 2:1, when viewed from the top. If the triangle is placed on the pin so that the centerof OID will be at its edge, he will not fall, and will be in equilibrium. Also the center of gravity is the point which represents the whole mass placed at the vertices of the triangle. Repeat this experience and make sure that this point is a reason is called "wonderful".