Signing the act of executed works the parties agree that all of the workyou produced in full, with due quality and within the specified period. Therefore, before signing the certificate, you must ensure that all conditions are in fact implemented and not kept only on paper.
In the act of executed works shall be clearly indicated all the data, which can be easily identified, by whom, when, for whom and on what basis was carried out worksyou. That is, the document must be assigned a number. Also, the instrument should contain a reference to the main contract.
The number of copies of the act of the performed works is determined by the number of parties under the main contract. Each side must have a copy.
Due to the fact that the tax authorities pay the most attention to the actual date of signing the act of executed works, not the creation date of the document, you should make sure that the date in the act is spelled correctly, accurately and legibly.
The act shall contain information about the names of organizations that signed it, as well as the volume and terms of performed works, their cost including VAT. The act of performed works should be signed by the persons authorized to do so, and necessarily sealed.
The act can be made, additional documents (e.g. a claim) in cases when one of the parties is satisfied with the completed workAMI not in full, has claims or comments. Usually such cases are specified in advance by the terms of the contract.
The signing of the act of the performed works may unilaterally, when one of the parties refuses to sign the act, and the other side believes such refusal is unjustified. In this case, involved the Commission, consisting of specialists, who certify the fact of execution of all works in the proper form.