You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paint.
The starting point for creating clothing is the idea. Of course, it is impossible to think of her intentionally, in a moment. However, it will be useful to accumulate knowledge and experiences, each of which will help shape the design of the costume. Looked quality the fashion magazines, be interested in history of costume and art in General, pay attention to the clothes of others. Accumulated emotions will cause a wave of inspiration.
As soon as it comes, fix it on paper. It is important not to immediately try to draw clothes in detail, to each of the buttons. Being distracted by minor elements, you risk missing the idea of the costume. A simple pencil sketch the overall shape of the garment, draw the approximate shape of each component. If necessary, write some associations, which led to the creation of a new image.
Think about what will be done by clothing: will serve as a uniform for office outfit for special occasions or a universal thing in every day. In General, determine which people designed created clothing.
Start to Refine the shape invented the suit, considering all the findings. From the larger details go to less important. Make sure to cut things to fit the situation in which it will be used, and interests of potential users. At this point, the sketch worked only in pencil, to be able to erase lines and to make changes.
Drawing things in front, make a sketch of the side and rear sides on the same sheet of paper. Now you can develop the smallest detail that gives the costume personality.
Decide which fabric will be made clothing. Depending on this select the material you want to paint the sketch. So, flying chiffon will be easier to portray with watercolours, and dense drape gouache.
Move on to the final, "final" version of the sketch. On a new sheet of paper, select three equal parts: picture of clothing from the front, back and in profile. Draw a schematic picture of the person. The level of detail of this part of the figure depends on how important the other components of the image, in addition to clothing. You can restrict the shape of the dummy or carefully draw the hair and makeup.
Transfer all the achievements of costume sketches to the clean copy, combining them. Choose for models accessories and shoes that are appropriate for the style. To sketch, you can attach fabric swatches and make written notes about the features of tailoring and separately drawn "close-UPS" of important parts of the costume.