You will need
  • Paper and pencil and basic art skills
Sketch of clothing begins with the human figure. To draw, draw a vertical line. Back at the top and bottom from the edges of the leaves 2-3 cm and make a mark. It is the height of a man.
Segment, divide into 8 equal parts where the first part is the head. The shoulders will be in the middle of the second part, the second level of the chest. Further, the waist, hips, knees.
Draw the volume of the figure: the head is oval with a particular place on the chin. Width of shoulders and width of hips in women is approximately equal. The levels of the elbow and waist must be the same. Hands with the fingers should reach the middle grades (fifth line).
How to draw a clothing sketch
Now put the figure at their discretion.
How to draw a clothing sketch