To file the disclaimer, you will be able in that case, if you constantly live outside of Ukraine. So you removed the registration in Ukraine issued permission to travel and constantly living abroad, you have the permission of the migration authorities of another state for registration of temporary residence or residence permit.
Contact the Embassy of Ukraine in the territory of the country in which you reside. To yourself you must have the documents. This is the certificate that you will or have already made a statement about getting another citizenship. Or it can be already received the passport of the country of residence and 4 copies of all filled pages.
Take a Ukrainian passport. It should be a permission to travel abroad for permanent residence. He also remove the 4 copies of the completed pages.
The Embassy take the standard application forms for renunciation of citizenship. Fill them up in four copies and attach to each other via a color photo size 35x45 mm.
Pay the state fee for the release from citizenship. This can be done at the Embassy or in the Bank. Receipt of payment attach to other documents. If everything is designed correctly, your application will be considered by the President of Ukraine.