Try to find shoes in my size. Put on your Shoe and step on "toes". If in this position the heel part of the box sits not tight, so the Pointe shoes you great. If the shoes slip off heel, you need a smaller Shoe size.
When choosing the size of the Pointe note and in their width. If your fingers "hang out", the dancer begins to transfer the body weight on the big toe, which causes him severe pain. Pick up the Pointe shoes, in which the box will fit snugly to the leg and to stabilize the position of the foot and toes. While the little ballerina may seem like too small shoes – because the shoes is quite hard, it is unusual after the usual shoes. But the rigidity of the box and its close contact with the foot will ensure proper location of the foot, and therefore the health of the little dancer.
However, to adjust the degree of stiffness of Pointe shoes is still possible. Modern company producing dance shoes, have a range of hardness and features on it different insoles. Their designations can be found on the sole of the Pointe Shoe. There are several types of hardness: hard (H), medium (M) and soft (S). Sometimes in stores you can find Supersoft insole (SS) and super hard (SH). When choosing insoles, please contact your dance teacher: these questions should be solved individually for each ballerina.
Pointe shoes vary in heel: it is high, medium and low. Correctly selected the heel is tight and comfortable fitting leg.
In the final selection of a pair of Pointe use the size chart. It is composed of such individual indicators as inserts for Pointe shoes, model completeness (1,2,3), height of rise, a tool for drawing and the individual features of the dancer. While the length of the foot is best measured with a ruler, standing on her bare foot. Measure the exact distance between the longest finger and the heel.