When buying shoes keep of shoes were tightly wrapped around the leg. A box of Pointe shoes hard and narrow, so may be tempted to buy Pointe shoes more, but you can not do that. If the Pointe sits on the foot tightly, the load on the foot is distributed evenly, dancing is easier, and loose or too big Pointe shoes will lead to injuries of the foot. Wear brand new Pointe shoes is still impossible, you can only try. Before use they need some training.
There are different views on how to prepare Pointe shoes for use. Some teachers recommend to take a hammer and smash their noses Pointe Shoe to become softer. But if the right box has a relatively small stiffness, then stretch it with your hands. The same is tedious to do and with the heel.
The need to sew Pointe shoes ribbons. Usually use a long satin ribbon, which would be enough to lace up your leg to the knee. Fold the heel of the heel to the foot, the ribbons should be sewn just in the crease. If you Pointe shoes too wide (you have a very narrow foot), the heel can slightly slip from the feet. In this case, place the middle of the ribbon inside the Pointe Shoe to support the heel.
To the leg was easier to be in Pointe shoes, there is a special ear. They come in various types, but the most soft and comfortable – it's silicone. You can also buy paper or fabric liners.
You can now wear Pointe shoes. Insert the liner and put on shoes, and then lace the ribbon up to the knee. The ends of the tape run, so they are not sticking out. Usually are used for exercises leg warmers worn on top of the lacing of ballet shoes.