No matter what you're going to clean from glue, remember that it is better not to wait for it to dry. Not frozen glue rubs off a lot faster. After drying on the surface of the moisture-proof glue film is formed, which dissolves only under influence of certain substances. Next, consider some ways to clean various surfaces from the glue.
Clean dried PVA glue from clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets can be a solvent (white spirit, acetone, methanol). If he was not at hand, use liquid nail Polish remover. To do this, wet the stain with water and then soaked in solvent swab gently smack the pollution. You can try another way to clean glue from clothes. At low temperature (minus 15-20 degrees) PVA glue becomes brittle and easily moves to the surface of the fabric. Therefore, if your freezer is capable of cooling to such low temperatures, this method is quite acceptable.
To clean ceramic tile from the glue residue use a rubber spatula and damp cloth. With the latest need to drench the dried up glue to disrupt its structure, and then carefully clean the surface with a spatula. Better to use a rubber spatula because metal can damage the tile surface. In some cases you can use a special solvent for tile adhesive.
To clean glue from plastic you can use alcohol. The solvent in this case, use is not recommended because it can damage the surface of the material. But the glue from the glass may be removed with acetone, gasoline or other solvent, the remains of which can then be removed with a rag dipped in an alcohol solution.