First you need to tell about the special means of influence on the super glue. Quite a lot of them in stores. You just have to choose the right tool.
In most cases, to remove superglue you can use liquid nail Polish remover. Also well suited, used by professionals in manicure for nail. All these means are composed of an element that softens the acrylic.
Quite often, people are faced with this kind of problem, is used to remove cyanoacrylate white spirit. It may make sense to try to scrub the super glue with petrol.
Popular sulfoxide. It can be purchased in virtually any pharmacy. The remedy is a colorless liquid, which is an important bipolar aprotic solvent. It is used in various fields of chemistry. Also the tool can be used in medicine. DMSO as a means to eliminate the stain is a more effective and safer than gasoline or dichloromethane. Many sources of information stated that the sulfoxide is also the only tool that removes superglue. When using it you need to be very careful. It can easily penetrate through the damaged skin. Solutions of toxic substances in DMSO, in most cases, lead to poisoning if in contact with skin. Can also be skin irritation.
There is crucial way. Superglue can just cut the plastic with a sharp blade. All steps must be performed very carefully. Nevertheless, if scratches remain on the surface, it is possible to apply a transparent varnish to restore.