Know and accept yourself. Don't be afraid to admit to his own shortcomings. As you know, there are no perfect people, so there are weaknesses even in the most successful and influential leaders. Just realizing that you are not comfortable with self, you'll be able to get rid of defect or to learn how to present it in a favorable light. The most important thing that will eliminate the stiffness caused by dissatisfaction. Try to concentrate on your strengths. Always remember that you are a lot of worthy of and much to achieve.
Don't compare yourself with others. It can lead only to greater dissatisfaction or false arrogance. Remember, each person has their own path. Someone achieves success in his youth, someone older. Better compare yourself to the present and the past. Have you reached your goals? Have plans? How to change your state of mind? Such analysis will help to see my own growth.
Celebrate all of your successes. Even though it will be small victory over them and was able to adequately respond to the joke, defended their point of view in a dispute with the boss, took a walk before bed instead of watching TV. Enter into the habit every night to write down five personal achievements in the special diary. And then there will be another incentive to overcome shyness and insecurity. For a major success definitely thank yourself with something pleasant: buying things with extraordinary weekends or a delicious dinner from the restaurant.
Make sure your appearance of Confidence starts with a reflection in the mirror. It is not in the correct facial features, beautiful figure that meets the standards of beauty. But it's hard to feel comfortable in wrinkled clothes, with bad hair and dirty shoes. Pay special attention to hygiene, tidy nails. Carefully about the choice of clothes, it should emphasize your strengths and hide weaknesses, and not Vice versa. If you're not in the fashion trends, let us consider the classic models that fit on any figure.