1. Take care of yourself. When you look good, you feel good. Take a long shower, pamper yourself, paint your nails, put on new or bold outfit, try a new hairstyle. It's amazing how many small changes can enhance our self-confidence and raise self-esteem. If all this seems difficult, start small.

2. Learn to forgive yourself. Which is fine if you something mess up and make mistakes from time to time, it refers to a part of growing and learning. Nothing usual there is that there are bad days, and you feel this period is not good. But without those days we don't appreciate our best moments. To raise your confidence, understand that you control your thoughts, actions, and forgive yourself for your mistakes.

3. Don't compare yourself with others. This is especially true of social media profiles. A break from social media can also improve your self-esteem. Most people on the sites are sharing only the best events, so it's easy to think that you are doing something wrong, not watching the back side of someone else's life. If you do not see the negative, it does not mean that it is not. You can't compare your "behind the scenes" with all the other images for a beautiful life."

4. Think positive, discard the negative. If you want to have confidence in yourself, understand that you have the power to change your thoughts. Replacing negative thoughts with positive, your mood and confidence will improve markedly. Notice when you are negative self-talk. Think about how to record negative thoughts on a piece of paper, crumple it and throw it away. Then put in front of a sheet with positive information. Maybe you're worried about a presentation at work, your opening remarks. Remember, no amount of worry will change the outcome, but with confidence, anything can happen in the best possible light.

5. Know that you are worthy of respect. This tip will increase self-respect and respect from others. Would you communicate with someone who spoke to you the same way you talk to yourself? Most likely, the answer will be negative. Treat yourself as you treat others. If there is confidence in the ideas, mind, body and soul, others will notice.