You will need
  • - wide capacity for change;
  • - drainage;
  • earth.
First, remember that nolina should be transplanted every year. They do it mostly in the spring. As nolina has a superficial root system, it transplants you'll need shallow pots. It is better to purchase at store a wide container, which will transplant the flower. The diameter of each new flowerpot should be 3 cm more than the former.
Before beginning the transplant process at the bottom of the container pour a small amount of drainage.
In a specialty store to purchase the land for beaucarnea. Be sure to consult with a specialist who will tell you about the peculiarities of its composition and the rules of transplantation of the plants.
Choose a soil mixture that is loose, crumbly and uniform in appearance. Keep in mind that it should consist of peat and leaf soil and sand in proportion 1:1:1.
Add in a purchased mixture of two parts compost. In the end, you should get the following combination: one part peat, one part leaf soil, two parts humus and one part sand.
If it turns out that in the shop there will be lands for nolina, buy the ground for cacti. She is perfect.
One of the features nolina is that it has its basis in puckering. It serves as a reservoir for supply of water and nutrients necessary for plant growth and it is called a caudex. Remember that when transferring nolina caudex in no case can not bury!
Cover with soil only the roots of the flower, pre gently spreading them over the entire area of the tank. Do this carefully trying not to damage anything.
Strictly observe the basic rule of transplantation bakarne - it is transplanted only in dry soil! Water the plant will be strictly in a couple of days.