You will need
  • - humus;
  • - sand;
  • - peat;
  • - ground sheet;
  • loam;
  • - wood charcoal.
In natural conditions some trees can grow to enormous size. In the apartment, hardly able to grow a palm tree, the width of the sheet which is about two meters, but even a miniature plant from this family required a spacious, well-lit room. Pricenice the palm out of direct sunlight.
Temperature, suitable for trees in winter depends on what climate zone is growing this species in the wild. Plants originating from the subtropics, in winter, require a lower temperature than tropical palm trees. However, none of the types of palm trees do not like drafts and hypothermia roots, so it is not necessary to stir the pots with these plants under the window or on a cold windowsill.
Palms – moisture-loving plants in the summer should be watered frequently, and in winter slightly less. For the plants in the dormant period is transferred to a cool room, irrigation is recommended to replace spraying. Palm leaves, contained in the warmth, too, should be sprayed from both sides, since these plants do not tolerate dry air. A humidifier put in the room where the tree grows, will help to make the room more suitable for these plants.
Potted palm trees do not tolerate root damage, trunk and leaves. In other words, stretched the palm must not be shortened as a dracaena, cut off the tip of the plant. In addition, it is not recommended to crop dried because of lack of moisture in the air or soil the tips of the leaves of palm trees. Dying leaves should be cut from the plant only after the sheet is completely dry up.
Young trees should be transplanted into a new pot or tub every year, plants older than three years are transplanted once in four years. If transplantation is to examine the roots of trees and gently remove the rotten. If the plant roots have grown wide and clung to the old walls of the pot, transplant the palm into a container wider. If the roots stretched down, and formed a cushion around the drain, choose plants for a higher pot.
Palm trees planted in the ground, mixed from one part humus, the same volume of sand and peat, two parts leaf and two parts sod land. Add the soil mixture of crushed charcoal. In a pot designed for planting trees, put the drainage on top of which, you have to put a layer of sand. On the sand you can put soil substrate.
Some growers recommend cut when transplanting the roots, which formed a thick cushion at the bottom of the pot. Doing this with a sharp garden knife. Immediately after transplanting trees should not be fed.