You will need
  • Original idea, computers, Internet, assistants.
The main difference between the lazy, but rich people from hard-working, intelligent, but forever the poor – the ability to generate ideas. All known history is the accumulation of large capitals began with an original thought. And brilliant thoughts will come upon people again and again, that's only if someone the idea falls as snow on the head in the form of a gift from heaven, others generate ideas, pre-analyzing the situation.
First, find a fresh niche in which to work and to firmly take its place. For example, see the Internet, namely social networks. For hundreds of thousands of people every day on the Internet begins with the opening of your page "Vkontakte", and for many there ends. While the social network at the peak of its popularity, you need to have time to earn your million. Application service of "Vkontakte" has become a huge platform for the realization of their ideas, projects and, of course, earnings. For example, a well-known application for "Vkontakte" "the Happy farmer" brings developers about $20 000 000 a year. Of course, a variety of popular games such as poker and chess, was created in the beginning, having to take their place under the sun. But there is a huge variety of interesting games and services that have not been implemented, but will be popular with a large number of users.
When an idea is found, start looking for people. Of course, if you own flash-animation, object-oriented programming and "Vkontakte API", then run your offer on their own. In reverse, the most likely case you will have to find an artist, programmer and sponsor. So how to make you going without attachments, explain the experts of the genius of their ideas and sign all the prospects. Well, if you can find one sponsor-a partner who will pay for the work of specialists and is, for example, over 40 % of the revenue from the app, because sharing the earnings of 3-4 people will come out quite expensive.
Unroll his creation, and otherwise conquer the love of users, as their number is directly proportional to your income.