To send music by e - mail , you will need to have a mailbox (if it, of course, does not). Type in the address bar of your browser and sign up on the website.
Go to Inbox, putting the username and enter the password, then select the menu item "Write a letter". You will see a standard compose message form, where there is a column "to", "Subject" and the text field. Between "Subject" and the text of the letter you will find a button called "Attach file" click on it.
You will see a window to select the attachment file. Find the song and double-click it with the left button of the mouse. Wait for process to finish loading (on the end you will be able to know that appears opposite the name of the attached file the green checkmark). Send email to. By the way, to write anything in the message does not necessarily.
If you need to send more than one track, and load each of them individually, no desire, use the service to upload files, provide The man who designed music, can download it from the website. By the way, it is very convenient in cases when the file size is large, since the standard letter you can send just the composition, the size of which does not exceed thirty megabytes.
Before to send large files, you can archive them. But remember that under compression the sound quality of the songs is much worse.
If you are going to share the complete discography of the prolific artist, or send on the Internet entry of the eight-hour Opera, use a special file stores created for the exchange of information. But note that it is unlikely that you will get if the Internet speed is not high enough.