Factors of growth of volume of production are quantitative and measurable capabilities with improved utilization of resources of the enterprise. It is necessary to increase production in the creation of additional working places. Because the annual volume of production of the company depends on the average annual number of employees and average output per worker.
Enter into the production of new equipment. In this case, you will be able to reduce the time it takes to produce one unit of output, and the volume of production to increase.
The increment of the volume of production is possible due to the elimination of losses of working time. In this case, it will increase the average hourly output of the product.
Also, the increment of production possible from introduction of actions which will be aimed at improving the technology and organization of labor and production.
You can increase output as a result of improved labor and organization of production with labor.
To reduce the rate of flow of raw materials through the introduction of new technologies.
To increase the volume of production, by improving sales in two ways: to carry out an active search for new customers and make existing customers began to buy more manufactured products than usual.
Analyze effectiveness of use of labour resources, the relative savings in the number of employees, and also the increase in production of products through productivity growth.
Thus, the relative savings in the number of working persons in the enterprise are produced with the help of calculation: the number of employees and multiply by the growth rate in the volume production products.The increase as a result of growth of labor productivity are produced in calculating the efficiency of the labor of the workers.