You will need
  • The adoption of a package of measures.
Most businesses have fixed assets in the amount of 50 % of the total assets. Accordingly, the basis of the main activities are non-productive and productive assets, which consist of equipment, buildings and other assets. Effective use of these funds contributes to the improvement of technical and economic indicators, including the increase in the volume of products, reduce the cost and complexity required for its manufacture and increase profits.
Improvement of fixed assets, the reduction of turnaround time, timely updating and continuous growth inherent in the market economy. The rate of return on assets is significantly different trend to increase, if the organization is successfully functioning. However, the return on assets can influence, in addition to the cost of fixed assets and amortization, other factors: modernization of equipment, changes in the structure of the technological equipment, repair equipment, change of ratio of funds non-production and production purposes, the change in capacity and production is due to the influence of market factors.
Capital productivity has a high variability, therefore, these factors have a direct impact on non-manufacturing process.
To increase the return on assets should take some measures:

To apply the new equipment to replace outdated models;
To sell equipment that is rarely used in the process or not used at all;
To increase the share of basic equipment that will change the structure of fixed assets;
To increase the number of shifts, eliminate production downtime, which gives the growth in utilization of machine time;
To improve overall production efficiency by increasing productivity and the elimination of ancillary funds;
To switch to the production of those products has a high level of added value.
In industrial plants most commonly used cost measure of capital productivity, which characterizes the output.