Fear of closed spaces

If the child has this fear, then let him have the biggest room in the house. If this is not possible, so no need to close the door when the baby is there and especially at night.

Fear of the dark

Let the kid sleeps with a nightlight. Dim lights will help the child feel more secure. If this does not help, then one of the parents must sit with the child until he fell asleep. Do not leave children alone with fear.

What you should do

The conversation with the child will help parents to understand the causes of his fears. If the kid is afraid of a scary fairytale characters, you can teach him to submit any funny stories that happen to these characters. This will help to get rid of the fear. But it happens that the child cannot understand and especially to explain the causes of anxiety. In such cases, helps visualization.

- You can buy a toy in the form of a monster that the child is afraid. Playing with the object of his fear, the kid will see that it's not a scary monster.

- You can still visualize the fear, I draw it. Let the "terrible figure" the child break into smaller particles and sent to the trash.

- Place the fears in a container and dispose forever.

- To make a baby "charm". A magical thing or a toy that will preserve and protect.

Fear to sleep separately

The children are so accustomed to sleep with his parents that "move" in a separate bed may be accompanied by fear.

What to do in this case?

- Let this be a holiday! True, balloons, bright new toys.

- You need to prepare the baby for independent sleep without parents. To explain that big kids at this age are not sleeping with mom and dad.

- For the first time let the child fall asleep as I used to, in parent's bed, but then it will be moved to a new location.

- Try a day to give the baby lots of attention. After all, if the child receives less parental attention during the day, can begin to demand it at night.

Children's fears eventually pass, but the parent with care and attention it happens much faster.