You will need
  • The desire to become caring parents and a list of documents.
For registration of the education of the child (children) the following actions are performed.The first step is to apply to the body of guardianship and guardianship (PLO) at the place of registration. Here you need to know the conditions for admission of children to the family, a list of required documents.
Then gather all documents:
- passport;
- marriage certificate (if any);
- medical report on the physical and mental health;
- certificate of employment (specify position and salary) or the Declaration of income for unemployed persons and individual entrepreneurs;
- certificate of no criminal record from ATS/ATC;
- documents on housing – confirming the right of ownership of housing in the case of privatized real estate or an extract from the house register with the copy of financial-personal account, if the residential area is owned by the state.
Together with the documents passed in the PLO written statement on the possibility of becoming foster parents. The guardianship and guardianship body shall consider the application within 20 days, checking the living conditions of the family. After which the couple will be referred to as a foster family and has the right to education of children.
The next stage is the most difficult, since you need to choose the right childif it is not already selected. The PLO has complete information on children in the region, which provide adoptive parents. OOP help foster family to find a suitable child not only in his but also other regions.
After the meeting, the foster family may think for 10 days, take the child on education or not. The denial explained in writing on the issued direction. Following the refusal of the PLO to take another direction to meet with other children.
In case of agreement on education seen child parents should write on the direction, and apply on the transfer of the child to the family, attaching a license to be foster parents.
The next step is the conclusion of a contract between the parents and the PLO on the upbringing of the child, acting within the prescribed period, but not later than the formation age of the child.
And last, most important step – the foster family must educate the child in love and harmony.