You will need
  • - a brief autobiography;
  • - certificate of employment indicating position and salary or copy of income Declaration;
  • - extract from the house register from the place of residence or a document confirming the existence of premises;
  • - medical certificate about state of health;
  • - certificate of no criminal record from the internal Affairs bodies.
Be prepared for the fact that alone a womanwho wanted to adopt the child, the guardianship is treated very carefully and cautiously. Their staff scrutinize the motives of adoption, as well as the situation and conditions in the candidate's home . Based on this, you need to prepare in advance a response to the most common interview question: "Why do you want to adopt a child?". Consider and justify your arguments in advance. You should be ready to confirm that you have the financial means, housing conditions for creating a family with an adopted child, despite your status as a lonely woman.
Contact with the model application in urban and regional body of trusteeship and guardianship over children. In the statement write about your desire to be a parent. In addition to the application, provide the necessary documents. After the bodies of guardianship and guardianship will review your application, check the facts of your personal interest and the ability to support the child, examine the living conditions within two weeks will be made positive or negative conclusion.
In the case of a positive decision you will be put on record as a candidate for adoption. The guardianship commit ourselves to inform you about children subject to a possible adoption. In case of failure find out reasons of this decision. You can appeal a judgment within a few days.
After receiving information about the presence of the child for adoption, obtain permission and visit the baby. After the candidacy of an adopted child will be confirmed by you, contact the court to adoption. Submit the required documents.
After the court decision on adoption within three days to the Registrar at the place of residence shall be sent a statement about the decision. Redesigned new documents for yourself and your child.