Advice 1: How to adopt a child one parent

Currently, adoption is one of the most preferred forms of family upbringing of children left without parental care. To accept and nurture a new family of another child – a noble cause, but very difficult and responsible. Why adoption is under strict government control.
How to adopt a child one parent
You will need
  • Submission of an application to the court, compliance with the requirements for adoption.
Adoption is allowed by law only in relation to minor children who have not reached eighteen years of age. Solely in their best interests, the court makes its decision. In case of adoption (adoption) of the child subsequently identified the same legal relations between persons who adopted him and relatives of these individuals and the relationships that provided by law for parents and children.
Adoption may be made only for the conditions of adoption established by law. Such as:

- it is necessary to provide requirements for the adoption;

in some cases parental consent is required for adoption of a child or persons who replace them;

- adoption requires the consent of the child who has reached ten years of age;

- the consent of the spouse of the adoptive parents if the child is adopted by one parent.
Citizens of the Russian Federation who wish to adopt a child must go to court with the corresponding statement, which should specify precisely what information about yourself and selected the child you want to adopt, the known data about his parents, brothers, sisters, other relatives, as well as information about the terms of adoption (attached additional documents). You must provide a number of documents about adoption of this child: his birth certificate, medical report on his health, physical and mental development, etc.
According to the law of the Russian Federation on adoption there is an established. A parent who wishes to adopt a child should have with him the difference is not less than 16 years. To the adoptive parent must be at least 18 years of age.
A child adopted by one parent receives the additional fear of losing it, as he has no one else and can not expect help from anyone. Most often, the child is adopted by single people Mature for their age. For example, if the child was adopted by a woman who often already has a career and sufficient well-being, her desire is to be needed, loved and important, thus filling their inner emptiness.
As for men, they will often adopt grown-up children. Such actions by men have a tendency to increase worldwide and reflect their struggle for their rights in the upbringing of children, from which they were removed. Usually, divorced men or those that have a bitter experience on a personal level.
A child who had been adopted by at least one parent, losing both property and proprietary rights. Duties can be saved at the request of the mother or father, depending on the adopter.
Useful advice
Judges who ruled on the adoption of a child, or officials who could carry out the state registration of adoption, as well as individuals who have information about adoption, needs to keep secret about it. Otherwise, the person disclosing the secret of adoption for this child against his will and the will of its adoptive fathers, are brought to justice in a lawful manner.

Advice 2 : How to adopt a child husband

Child husband became your family. He calls you mother, but his birth certificate, in the column about parents, provided a very different name. But if the same child do not know anything about his real mother, it's time to think seriously about adoption in the future to avoid many problems and unpleasant moments.
How to adopt a child husband
And the first thing you will have to face is obtaining consent to adoption from his mother. Here are two possible options:
biological mother captures his consent to your adoption of a child by a notary;
or doing the same in the office of the custody of children at the place of registration of the child.If the mother of the child is not eager to give such consent from any motives, then contact the court with the statement for deprivation of mother's parental rights. And so the court granted a similar claim, you must have good reason and evidence complete unwillingness and even Dodge my mother on the upbringing of the child. Ideally it is better to try to solve the issue by peaceful means, without resorting to court. Otherwise it can take a long time. Try to negotiate with the mother of the child, find the right reasons and the right motivation. Most likely you will be able to do it much faster than wait for a court decision on deprivation of parental rights.
If you managed to obtain the consent of the mother, write the model statement of claim in the district court for adoption. The lawsuit will detail the situation and provide your personal data: education, place of work, wages, place and conditions of residence, etc. Next, assemble the necessary documents.
In addition to the consent of the biological mother (or copy of the court decision on deprivation of parental rights), and your own claim of adoption you will be required:
- copy of marriage certificate;
- a medical conclusion about the state of your health;
- a document confirming the right of use of premises or ownership of the premises.
- a certificate of good conduct;
Depending on the situation, the court may require the characteristic of the job, the salary certificate, the consent of the child (if he was 10 years old).
On the basis of a favourable court decision in the nearest Registrar office you can change the child data in the birth certificate. Now you can rightfully be called mother.
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