You will need
  • For you to be able to lay down a cooking stove you must have the skills of a Mason, and have the necessary tools: a trowel (a special trowel for the stove), a hammer and a plumb line.
To fold the cooking oven , you need about 300 red bricks, as well as 30 pieces of refractory bricks. You must also soak buckets 6 red clay in any container for 3 days before laying of the furnace, the clay must be plastic brown. But clay will take about 20 buckets of sand. Still need to hardware stores to buy a cast iron stove with two burners, large cast iron door, cast iron small door on the ash pit, and a damper-valve, which will close the chimney and the last thing you need is also a cast iron grate. In front of the masonry stove should be folded under her Foundation. Under the Foundation dig a hole depth of 40 cm, a Foundation made of stone or of rejected bricks above floor level in the room at the base lay 1 row of bricks with a spoon. The Foundation do on a cement-sandy solution.
After waiting a few days until the Foundation gets stronger, we begin to put the oven. First, for waterproofing on the plane of the Foundation, put 1 layer of roofing cement, roofing felt then put the 1st a number of bricks with a spoon, so from the floor level becomes 2 rows of bricks, the size of furnace should be: a fireplace the size of a cast iron cooking plate plus 25 centimeters. After laying the second row, if you are an inexperienced Builder, find peredovye drawings of the furnace in books or on the Internet. If you want to try to put the oven, keep in mind that the most important thing in a furnace is air draught, accordingly, the air must penetrate into the ash pit, then fall into the furnace from the furnace into the chimney and through the pipe to the street, so always think about that where will the air and smoke, the minimum size of flue and air duct must be at least half brick!
Features of the masonry. Clay solution should be prepared as follows: take a bucket of soaked clay, put in tub, add water, stirring constantly, until it will not be as liquid sour cream, then add sand to such a state, that would be like saying the solution is "standing". The solution should not be sticky and not runny. When laying the stove, the left hand should be dry and the right feeding solution. After the laying of each brick is necessary to knock on it with a trowel, so he stuck to the solution. The pipe for discharging the smoke are doing at the end of the plate, bringing it to such a height that you need to do. The door blew, and the furnace door, it is necessary in the existing holes to fasten the iron wire to, having immured her stronger secure doors. Using 3 rows after the ash-pit door, put the furnace door 3 series after the fire box door, put the stove. Then, after laying the pipe, you can begin plastering the furnace, this existing solution, you need to add sand and water. Wish you success and good luck!