The basic rules of masonry oven

Getting to the masonry stove, you need to study the available drawings and to strictly follow the instructions. National Russian stove in the clutch put on the Foundation. You can do it yourself improvised: stone, concrete, or old bricks. The prepared Foundation should be 10 cm above floor level. You must also choose the optimal place in the room to bake evenly warmed up the house and the pipe above it was straight, tall and without knees. Between the wall and the stove need to put a brick strip thickness cast brick and a layer of nonflammable insulation. Suitable for this role, steeped in the clay felt. From the inner surface of the furnace to the wall should be 25 – 30 cm, and from the furnace door of the furnace to the opposite wall not less than 1.25 m.
Masonry stoves require a professional approach and thorough implementation of the technology.

During laying it is necessary to observe the correctness of bandaging of seams and to check the geometric proportions using plumb and level, and also a cord , which pull the perimeter of the future ovens to speed. When masonry stoves should be thoroughly coat seams and wipe the excess clay. All cracks should be thoroughly greased with clay, they should be free of voids, and the thickness of seams should not exceed 0.5 cm.

The composition of the solution and the procedure of kneading

Mortar for masonry stoves are made of clay, river sand and water. The volume of water should be no more than ¼ of the total volume of the solution. The amount of sand required to be added to the solution depends on the quality of the clay. The heavier the clay, the more it will need. Sand proceviat through a sieve with a diameter of 1.5 – 2 cm, to avoid large stones, to uniform concentration.

Preparing a solution in advance. You need to pour water to the mixture of sand with clay in a wide and low container and leave for a day for swelling. Then carefully mix the solution by the construction of the mixer. The rest crashed lumps need to be removed.
Russian stove, lined with unique drawings can become part of the decor of the room.

The quality of the solution is determined to the touch when rubbed between your fingers should feel a layer of grit. If there is only oily film, then you need to add more sand. Then take a handful of mortar and squeeze your hand into a fist. It needs to pass freely between the fingers.

Of course, you cannot master the art of masonry stoves. However, even if you will not risk yourself put the oven, and invite a professional Builder, will be useful to know the basic principles of its work.