Preparation for furnace work

The oven in the house is not only a stylish interior, old-fashioned, but comfort, warmth. Dishes cooked in the Russian oven, incredibly delicious and healthy. Installation of the furnace does not tolerate fussiness, laying slowly, thoroughly extinct proportion of wells, respecting the size of the joints. The slightest mistake - and instead of furnace with good traction will receive Smoking "the beast".

Furnaces come in different types and configurations, the most economical and functional is the kitchen with oven hob (cast iron plate). Oven is simple, and may have a complex structure with javanica, small stoves, oven. Recently, the popular combination of steel stoves.

Before proceeding to masonry stoves, it is necessary to prepare under it the base, that is the Foundation of the concrete mix. To do this, dig a pit depth of 50 cm well tamped and poured concrete. The upper level of the Foundation is removed a few inches above the floor surface.

While the Foundation dries, you can prepare the workplace − on both sides of the masonry to lay down the bricksand that they were to hand knead the clay solution. The Foundation is laid waterproofing and lay out the first row, so-called tying.

Installation of oven with stove

Is laying one brick, with the obligatory dressing, in clay mortar. Furnace put red solid bricks. Original post blew, install the grate. Paving a number, put the fuel door its attached wire, the ends of which are immured in the masonry. Lay out the firebox special refractory bricks with a height of 30-35 cm and block its cast iron plate.

Behind the rear wall of the firebox is a chimney, which has several wells and goes up to the ceiling. Smoke wells must be at least three, usually make one horizontal and two vertical. The inner surface of the chimneys is possible to do smooth, do not to obstruct the passage of smoke.

Then laid out pipe. In the place where it goes the ceiling, doing the cutting so that the distance from inner pipe wall to ceiling was 35-40 see

Furnace – a complex engineering structure, its installation is necessary to use a level and plumb, horizontal and vertical lines must be strictly perpendicular relative to each other, all the planes are aligned with no deviations. Brick before laying necessarily soaked. Therefore, after the completion of the works, kiln dried.