You will need
  • oven;
  • level;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - trowel;
  • - spatula;
  • - brick;
  • - tiles;
  • - cement.
If the stove you (from an aesthetic point of view) are satisfied, then prior to construction find out any functional issues. So, you should know that you cannot use as fuel, coal and its derivatives. Features a fireplace, only dry wood or briquettes out of wood. If the area where the house is located, problems with the materials for kindling in the future will not arise, feel free to proceed with the construction of the stoves.
Get the necessary tools. First and foremost you will need a level, an angle grinder, trowel, spatula. With regard to the purchase of materials, it all depends on your individual drawing. Make it, then calculate how many bricks, tiles, cement, etc. you need.
If the Foundation and the furnace body is made qualitatively, it makes no sense to disassemble the entire oven and start building from scratch. Between the Foundation and oven floor should be a distance of about 25 cm, filled with sand, and the depth of the firebox should be about 50 cm on the inside should be lined with refractory material. If these conditions are met, proceed to the chimney. It may have much to rebuild. The height of the pipe for the fireplace should be of 7 m, and its inner area to be less than brick (about 13*25 cm). Must also be designed in special channels that will be inside to direct the flow of air along the doors that soot will settle on the glass.
If the oven is a small hole for the firebox, extend it and close the decorative fireplace door. It should be made of heat-resistant glass. Your future will be associated only with the decoration of stoves.