If you want to get beautiful curly hair on one evening, you can use curlers. Now there is a huge selection. You can choose a large diameter, then the curls will be large. And that hair was more curly, use a thin curler, but they will need to cheat small clumps. Apply to wet hair mousse or foam for packing. Then, separating the hair in small strands of hair, wind them in curlers. But do it vertically, then the curls will turn out beautiful and will look natural. When the entire screw head, dry your hair with a hair dryer or naturally. Start spinning the lower curler, the hair is not tangled. Each of the resulting curl spray varnish.
You can create natural waves using Curling irons. Since in this case the hair will be thermal effects, before starting work, apply to wet hair heat foam. Dry them with a Hairdryer. Start to wind the hair on the forceps from the occipital area. To help you preventing hair clip away. Twist your hair in the tongs, hold for a few seconds and release. The thinner will take the lock, the smaller should be the impact time. In addition, if you take thin strands, then curl will be more. After the strand is curled, fix it with varnish, and then move on to the next. The finished hair spray it again with varnish.
You can make curls with the help of a comb and Hairdryer. Start drying hair from the roots to create volume. And with a comb twisted hair over the entire length. You can use this method to curl only the ends of your hair. After the hair dry no need to brush it. I can only beat easy curls with his hands and fix the hair lacquer.
If you want to get wavy hair for a longer period than a few days, you should do a Perm. Over, before the procedure should be discussed with a master stylist to condition your hair and assess what damage may be caused. But, fortunately for perms today use gentle formulations, so after the procedure, the hair look alive. You can do Japanese Perm. It can be done even on damaged and weakened hair. The specific composition of chemical compounds not only does not violate the structure of the hair, but, on the contrary, improves skin, restores the damaged areas. After this iron you will get a shiny, natural curls for a few months.