According to Russian law, you must report to the accounting Department within three days of the end of travel. Provide all documents confirming the fact of payment facilities, services (e.g., telecommunications), as well as power.
For example, before leaving for a business trip you discussed with the head of condition of payment power, i.e. the employer agreed to pay him. In this case, dining at a restaurant or cafe, you need to take receipts, bills. Pay attention to the details specified in the confirmation documents. For example, the name on the check and the account must be the same. Also on the forms must be present blue print the company whose services you have enjoyed.
To confirm the fact of payment of the ticket, you must provide the accounting Department of an electronic ticket (if you have one). If you used transport, please attach also your boarding pass you received at registration. Remember that the duplicate data passes are not issued, so try not to lose it. In some cases, the accounting staff may require you to provide the itinerary, you can get the representation of the operator, or in his head office.
In addition to receipts, checks, bills and other supporting documents please provide a business trip certificate. It should contain all the necessary information, including the mark of departure and arrival. Complete the expense report and sign it at the head of the organization or other authorized person.