You will need
  • a booklet with symbols for crochet
We should start with the easiest – to understand the legend. Sometimes they are attached to the scheme. That is written down with details. For example, the point is the air loop; the cross is a column without nakida; figure resembling the letter V, is the columns without nakida, knit one loop of the base and so on. If for some reason the legend is not specified after the scheme, you can find them in the Internet or specialized magazines, and in books.
Scheme crochet always read from right to left. The first row is read from left to right, the second – again from right to left and so on. If you are afraid to miss the beginning of knitting and confused, then mark it in pencil, which the washing is then easily removed. To find the end of the series need only take a close look at the product. Where the first air loop, and an end.
Now about the patterns. Repeating patterns are called "rapport", and in the schemes they are generally stars. For example: *3* - this means that the pattern you should repeat three times, no more, no less.
If you are unable to deal with the schema, and to link any thing you want, then you can find its description. Although this type of explanation knitting is not very common. In the descriptions, too, has its legend. For example: VP – air loop, St./n – column with nakida, art. b/n – column without nakida, * - boundary of rapport. The description usually goes through the ranks. (1st number, 2nd number, 3rd number, etc.). It is important to clearly follow the instructions. Especially when it comes to the beginning and end of row. Otherwise, if you do not knit all the columns mentioned in the description, the product simply will not work.
And finally, when the description (schema or verbal), when all the symbols you learned, and you clearly understand which of the columns in question - feel free to start knitting.