You will need
  • a pair of compasses;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • - a sheet of paper.
Select the length of the sides of the hexagon. Take a compass and set the distance between the end of the needle located on one of its legs, and the stylus end located on the other leg equal to the length of a side of a drawn figure. You can use the ruler or choose a random distance, if the moment is irrelevant. Fix the leg of a compass with a screw, if possible.
Draw a circle with a compass. The selected distance between the legs will be the radius of the circle.
Break the circle dots into six equal parts. These points will be the vertices of the angles of the hexagon and, respectively, ends of line segments representing the sides of it.
The leg of a compass with the needle set at an arbitrary point located on the line of the delineated circle. The needle should just pierce the line. The accuracy of the installation of a compass directly depends on the accuracy of constructions. Draw the compass's arc so that it is crossed at two points a circle is drawn first.
Move the leg of a compass with a needle in one of the points of intersection of arcs drawn with the original circle. Will watertite another arc that also crosses the circumference at two points (one of them coincides with the point of the previous location of the needle of a compass).
Similarly move the needle of the compass and vycherchivaya arc four more times. Move the compasses with a needle in one circumferential direction (always clockwise or counterclockwise). As a result, should be identified six points of intersection of the arcs with the original built of a circumference.
Draw a regular hexagon. In pairs successively connect the segments obtained in the previous step has six points. Vycherchivaya cuts with a pencil and a ruler. The result is a regular hexagon. After the build, you can erase the auxiliary elements (arc and circle).